Flowrev streamlines and automates your cost & revenue recognition process. It is seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks Online and the Xero accounting system, letting you sync your invoices and bills with one click, and easily create flexible recognition schedules for each line. Adopt Flowrev, automate your costs & revenue recogntion process, and throw away those pesky, time-consuming, error prone spreadsheets!


About Flowrev

Powerful, yet easy to use, online costs and revenue recognition software.

Flowrev is a cost & revenue recognition and lifecycle management software available for use with popular online accounting software systems.

On top of the exceptional value these systems deliver, Flowrev adds the ability for businesses to recognize their prepaid costs and unearned revenue on the service date or over a period of time even if they pay or invoice upfront or on a different date.

Flowrev provides the capability to spread out the costs and revenue over the appropriate period - for example, monthly over twelve months. Unexpected changes to transactions, such as mid-term subscription cancellation, changes to the recognition service period, etc. are all easily handled and tracked.

Flowrev works seamlessly with cloud accounting software. It automatically computes and syncs required journal entries so that the reports in your accounting system accurately reflect your company's costs as they are incurred and revenue once it has been earned. Other reports such as debtors/amount owed remain accurate.

Use Flowrev and throw away those pesky, time consuming, error prone spreadsheets that you currently use for your prepaid costs and deferred revenue management. No more headaches in maintaining disparate, hard to keep in sync, data sets.

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Kamal Varma

Founder & CEO

Kamal has extensive experience leading companies and managing product lines. He has leveraged ratable revenue accounting to extreme benefit while managing these P&Ls. Having experienced first hand the painful process of building external spreadsheets to do this, he decided to build an automated system to help others in pain. He holds an MBA in Finance, Marketing and Strategy, Booth School of Business, University of Chicago, a MS, University of Texas at Austin and BS, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. Outside of work he enjoys playing tennis and hiking.

Sanjay Mishra


Sanjay, owner of Conversation Technologies - a Flowrev partner, has decades of software and hardware design and development experience having successfully delivered many projects for his clients world wide. When he undertakes a project, nothing can stop him from (over)achieving it. He applies this approach even outside of work - if he decides to run, he'll run a marathon (or maybe complete a triathlon)! Sanjay holds a BS in Electrical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India and a MS and PhD from the University of Maryland, College Park.


Scott K. Campbell

Strategic Advisor

Scott advises Flowrev on strategic growth matters.

He is SVP Sales at Docker. Previously, Scott was the Chief Revenue Officer at Lytics, and SVP of worldwide sales at Puppet, a DevOps product for enterprise datacenter management.

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