Flowrev streamlines and automates your cost & revenue recognition process. It is seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks Online and the Xero accounting system, letting you sync your invoices and bills with one click, and easily create flexible recognition schedules for each line. Adopt Flowrev, automate your costs & revenue recogntion process, and throw away those pesky, time-consuming, error prone spreadsheets!


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Flowrev Cost & Revenue Manager   +   Intuit QuickBooks

Simplify and streamline your cost and revenue recognition process.

What is Flowrev?

Flowrev is online cost & revenue lifecycle management software that lets you recognize your costs & revenue over the correct period in QuickBooks easily.

  • Recognize revenue / expenses accurately when it is earned / incurred
  • Generate flexible recognition schedules using simple recognition parameters
  • Easily handle contract changes, cancellations
  • Eliminate hard to maintain external spreadsheets and messy workarounds such as fake invoices
  • Keep your sales, receivables, etc. reports consistent
  • Obtain up to date revenue and expenses on reports easily
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What is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is an accounting software package developed and marketed by Intuit.

  • Cloud based as well as on-premises versions
  • Specialized for small and medium-sized businesses
  • Send invoices, accept business payments, manage and pay bills, and run payroll
  • Sync bank accounts and apps
  • Track inventory. Prepare and print 1099s
  • Used by over 4.8 million customers globally
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Our team enjoys using the tool in preference to journals and supporting spreadsheets.

Jennifer Denning Finling Associates Ltd.

Flowrev is great for complex revenue recognition. We use it for our financial reporting & month end processes.

Sean O'Keefe eShares, Inc.

Really glad to have found this product, my financial reporting is so much easier and more accurate now.

Stacy Chapman Tahlent, Inc. (SwoopTalent.com)

Easy connect
and data load

Create and check your revenue & costs schedules using the simple connect and bulk data load process. Easily download and work with new invoices.

recognition methods

Generate flexible recognition schedules for each line by combining recognition cadence parameters with per period computation methods.

One click

View up to date revenue & costs on your income statement instantly by syncing aggregated monthly recognition schedules with one click.

Change management,
full trackability

Easily review recognition schedules and drill down into buildup elements. Handle changes such as cancellations with full trackability.